The Story Behind the Moose

The Golden Moose

It has been told that the Golden Moose once walked the earth in search of ethically sourced reclaimed and salvaged timber, to make beautiful hoof-made trophies for all his friends. We now know this not to be true!
Ravi and Brad, on the other hand, do design and make beautiful bespoke hand-made trophies from reclaimed and salvaged timber.

Brad Welsh and Ravi Avasti have been designing and making trophies together for over 4 years now – collaborating on numerous projects won through word of mouth. The Golden Moose is a formalisation of this collaboration into what we call in the businesss, “a business idea”.

Our mission is to design and make beautiful, sustainable, bespoke, trophies from timber that is reclaimed from iconic locations, dripping with stories! We have made trophies out of salvaged timber from Her Majesty’s Theatre in Melbourne, parts of Flemington Racecourse, old pylons from Melbourne’s Princess Pier, timber reclaimed from Botany Bay Wool Store, timber from a derelict W-Class Tram, and so on…


Meet the Designer

Brad Welsh, Designer

Brad has been a graphic designer for over 15 years (BA – Graphic Design), and first started designing trophies in 2007 when he was commissioned by Sustainability Victoria to design and produce an award for the Premier’s Sustainability Awards. Linking up with Ravi Avasti (bespoke timber craftsman) led to a beautiful outcome with the trophy receiving much acclaim. The rest is history.

Brad has now designed and produced multiple trophies with Ravi, and together they ride The Golden Moose.

Brad enjoys designing trophies, wearing velvet dinner suits to awards ceremonies, rearing his 3 children, riding miniature horses, finding money down the back of old couches, eating salmon, disco dancing with his wife, and knitting.

Brad also runs a graphic design studio called One
Degree. If you would like him to design anything
else for you other than a trophy, visit his website by clicking here .


Meet the Maker

Ravi Avasti, Furniture Maker
& Timber Craftsman

After a rather beige career in the UK making people remarkably wealthy, Ravi decided to switch tracks and have a second crack at student life, this time at RMIT to study furniture design. Avasti Design was established in 2005, and has been producing bespoke furniture and special timber projects ever since. Check out their website by clicking here.

When Brad Welsh invited Ravi to produce the Premier’s Sustainability Awards in 2007, Ravi grasped the opportunity to revive some of the old school techniques he had learnt, and has been hand-crafting awards to Brad’s exquisite designs ever since.

Ravi looks like he might be a wandering Hindu holy-man, but alas is not. He has an innate skill for grafting fruit trees and enjoys cooking curries, getting his funk on, and hanging out with his glorious family. All true.


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